School Projects - General Information


  Gamelab 5 - 90 Degrees!

The goal of this project was to take the tool set we developed in the previous 2 gamelab projects and take it to become an actual game.┬áMy job with this project was... Read more  

  Gamelab 3 & 4 - Corpus Callosum

  A tool set we had worked on for 3 months turned into a game, however not the product we expected it to be. The idea is that... Read more

  Concept Video - Social Media Destruction

As a part of a class in social games, we had to design a social game concept that was viable for short play sessions and would appeal to... Read more  

  Experimental Games - Ping Pong Party

  Using a concept that an MIT Student had developed more then 10 years ago, we ported a set of 3 games to a ping pong table. The project allowed us to see how... Read more

Game Jams - General Information


  Global Game Jam 2013 - The White Cells

The topic of 2013 was the beating of a human heart. We set out to create a Tower Defence game where to goal is to project the human heart... Read more  

  Global Game Jam 2012 - No Offspring

  With Reincarnation being the topic of 2012, we created a game where to goal is to kill yourself. The player plays a... Read more

  F*ck this Jam 2012 - Gravity Racer

The goal of this game was to create a game in a genre that you do not like. It helps to think about small details that you would otherwise... Read more  

Other Activities - General Information


  Student Association Dionysus

  At the end of the 2011/2012 school year, I was aproched to join a group of students in both IGAD and IMEM of NHTV breda to setup a new student association, as the... Read more